This weekend at der Rath: The Felix Culpa and a Bob Marley Birthday Bash!

FRIDAY, January 21st at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller, get your punk rock on with The Felix Culpa and Action Madison.

They call their music “art rock” because it combines a broad spectrum of emotions, heavy guitar riffs and crazy drums solos to give listeners a powerful experience of music consumption. Some reviews have compared their most recent album “Sever Your Roots” to Brand New’s “The Devil and God are Raging Inside”. The band released this album, their 3rd, in January 2010 and have since signed with No Sleep Records and will be re-releasing the album with a bonus EP on January 25th.

Then, SATURDAY, shake off those cold weather blues with The Roots Collective playing a Bob Marley Birthday Party at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller!

Legendary rastafarian Bob Marley’s birthday of February 6th is fast-approaching, and what better way to pay tribute to this inspirational reggae guru than by throwing him a party??  Madison’s own Roots Collective will be covering some of Marley’s greatest hits that will warm you straight through with sounds so summery you’ll think the Sun Is Shining.  Come get swept away from the stinging snow while singing happy birthday to Jamaica’s pride and joy.




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