This Weekend at Der Rath: In Tall Buildings and My Brightest Diamond

Friday 9:30 pm @ Der Rath: In Tall Buildings with Saturday Night Duets.

This Friday Erik Hall comes to serenade Der Rathskeller with his one man band In Tall Buildings.  His first album, inspired by Neil Young, Stevie Reich and others, sounding of acoustic pop, is a blended orchestra of guitar, drums, and synth.  It isn’t a breakup album but rather an album written by someone finding their own voice.

“There’s no mad scientist at work here. Only a guy crafting beautiful songs and augmenting them with a feathery touch.”  (Loud Loop Press)

(Skip ahead twenty seconds or so for the music.)

Starting the night, on Friday, is Saturday Night Duets, a two-man funky twist on Americana from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Saturday 9:00 pm @ Der Rath: My Brightest Diamond, Land of Vandals, and Corcovado

My Brightest Diamond will be playing in der Rathskeller THIS SATURDAY, February 5th, at 9:30PM with Land of Vandals and Corcovado.
Shara Wolden fronts the band My Brightest Diamond. If you have ever wondered what would happen if you combined an award-winning accordion player with a classical organ player, then Shara Wolden is your answer. If you have never wondered that, now you will be left with the burning desire to hear exactly what that sounds like. Wolden herself got a BA in opera but went on to study and record music with Padma Newsome in New York. Her musical background makes for a stunning combination of rock and classical music. Aside from her own musical endeavors she is able to boast collaboration with artists such as The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, and David Byrne. If you need a frame of reference…

… but I guarantee you won’t get the full experience unless you attend the show.

Joining My Brightest Diamond is the Madison minimalist band Land of Vandals (not actual Eastern Germanic Vandals).

Land of Vandals will put you in an interesting and ethereal mood and place with their haunting organ and space noises. Interesting being good.

Starting out the night with Corcovado, which also happens to mean Hunchback in Portuguese, a local Madison band.


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