This Weekend At Der Rathskeller: Baths, Braids, Houses, The Deep Dark Woods, and Juniper Tar

Friday 9:30pm @ Der Rath: Baths, Braids, and Houses

Baths, the electronic genius of Will Wiesenfeld, is an unclassifiable electro-pop band recently sprouting out of the L.A. music scene.  He sets himself apart from the beat making producers of L.A. by backing his music with hip-hop beats, creating a sound that calls “a gold corn nugget of glitch-pop perfection.”

Will Wiesenfeld started recording music when he was fourteen, and released his first official album June 2010 at the age of 21.  The success of his first release, Cerulean, has caused Baths to be featured on Pitchfork’s top music videos of 2010, and landed the band a spot at South by Southwest this past year.

Braids, the second plural one word band in the plural band trio, is a similar electronic band, born out of various chance meetings, including a vacation in Greece.  According the band, they sound like “a couple of redbreasts were perched in a tree and given a stick one day, one began tapping and the other began laughing and the two birds just went on their way.”

Houses, the third and final one word plural band, will be be opening the elecro-pop party.


THIS SATURDAY (2/26) at 9:30 in der Rathskeller: The Deep Dark Woods and Juniper Tar.

The Deep Dark Woods is a five-piece band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. That’s right, Canadians! They are cross-referenced between folk, rock, and roots music which is a pretty apt description of what they sound like. They draw their name from their true Canadian roots of having lived in deep dark woods. The most helpful comparison to understand their sound is that they are like a deeper and darker version of the Fleet Foxes, but more Canadian… which is great.

The openers, Juniper Tar, are another five person band. They formed in Milwaukee, WI in 2005. In the same vein of woodsyness as The Deep Dark Woods, they recorded their first album in a cabin in the north of the great state of Wisconsin.

These two shows are made for each other and you are made for attending this show.


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