Der Rath This Weekend: Friday – Mpas & Alatess and Saturday – Pepepr Rabibt

Still unsure of who is going to serenade you this weekend at Der Rathskeller?  Can you figure it out from these hints?

This Friday at 9:30pm in Der Rath.

Formed in Columbia College Chicago

Featured in a Pabst Blue Ribbon Advertisement in the Onion.

Compared to TV on the Radio, Deerhoof and Prince.

Often labeled as a Math Rock band

December 2006 hosts of the Cable Music Video show Refused TV.

Two of the members occasionally DJ at The Burlington, a bar in Chicago.

You got it!  It’s Maps and Atlases, a rock group who recently succeeded in making a pop album.  Be sure to come early for Bears Climb Mountains, a local Madison act.

This Saturday at 9:30pm in Der Rath:

A two man duo, Xander Singh and Luc Laurent.

First shows were played in India.

Influenced by post-Katrina New Orleans.

Opened for Passion Pit, and Freelance Whales fall 2010.

Song “Older Brother” was featured on 90210.

Will be playing South By Southwest Festival later this year.

That’s right.  It’s Pepper Rabbit.  Come see the duo, a mix of Animal Collective and Beirut, and experience these new up-and-comers, as well as opener, Madison resident, Jeremiah Nelson, and his “back porch folk-rock.”


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