The Felice Brothers come to Sett it up this May

EXTRA! EXTRA! New and exciting news from the best music committee on Earth:   folk favorites The Felice Brothers traipse their way to Madison to play the Sett at New Union South on Saturday, May 7th a las nueve (9p.m.).


We’re pumped.  Their studio was built from an old chicken coop but there’s no cooping up these boys.  They’ll join us in Madtown after playing the likes of Coachella and several other venues across the country, and bring with them sounds reminiscent of the Catskill Mountains and backyard BBQs.  Those whom have had the pleasure of hearing them live say concert-goers cannot help but leave the show converted.  Come and embrace the conversion.

Tickets go on sale Friday March 11th at 11am!!! $15 ($12 for UW students with ID)

Available at the Memorial Union Box Office, Vilas Box Offce, by phone at 608-265-ARTS, and online at << don’t wait too long to get yours!


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