If you happen to be at SXSW this weekend… Darwin Deez!

Ever since I went to see S. Carey (drummer for Bon Iver), in Schubas Tavern for Tomorrow Never Knows 2011, I haven’t been able to put down Darwin Deez.  I admit at first I was skeptical when the band jumped on stage sporting the most outrageous attire, but they proved to be the highlight of the evening.  Darwin sported his signature ringlets and a head band around his forehead.  He and his band pumped out his poppy tunes and put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  They stopped between songs to perform dances to remixes, and even did some freestyle rap.

The self titled debut album Darwin Deez is a quirky indie pop album you will to dance to, but don’t be fooled.  That fun upbeat tune hides a slew of sad lyrics such as “I won’t cry. I will just pretend. I’m still the one and that we are in love again.” and even some angry ones: “everyday ought to be a bad day for you.”  Darwin Deez is upbeat, and mad.  Joyous and sad.  You won’t be able to put down this record, and you won’t be able to stop dancing.

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