Wait for it… this MONDAY (April 4, a Monday) Yellow Ostrich w/ Blair will be playing in der Rathskeller at 9:30PM. ¡Qué emocionante!

Yellow Ostrich is a trio comprised of mastermind guitarist Alex Schaaf, percussionist Michael Topper, and Jon Natchez on bass and horns. These ostriches use minimal instrumentals that ring crisply and clearly without being overpowering. The most innovative part of Yellow Ostrich, however, are the vocals of Alex Schaaf. His oh-oh-ohs and ha-ha-has add an a-cappella-esque background to songs that can be described as everywhere from adorable to woebegone. Furthermore, the song ‘WHALE’:

Definitely come see Yellow Ostrich at der Rathskeller before you can only see them somewhere like Carnegie Hall, where Alex and his bandmates are inevitably headed.

The band Blair, opening for Yellow Ostrich, is a superb act from New Orleans. This girl has been influenced by a number of acts, old and new, and has opened for bands like Bright Eyes and Cat Power. Blair is a bright, poppy act just right as an opener for Yellow Ostrich.


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