In case you guys haven’t noticed all of the construction going on on the south side of campus, Union South will be opening on Friday, April 15th. Not only does WUD Music have a great opening show at Varsity Hall in Union South with Of Montreal (you can still buy your tickets here), there also tons of other things to get excited about! The building looks gorgeous, the Sett and Varsity Hall will be lovely new music venues and there is so, so much more! Come and see for yourselves on opening weekend!

Union South Design


Here is a list of just a few of the features that the new Union South has to offer:

-The Sett and Varsity Hall (new music and performance venues!)

-The Marquee (350-seat theater for WUD film)

-Sun Garden (A new place to chill and study!)

-Wisconsin Union Hotel (60 rooms)

-New Food! (Daily Scoop, Ginger Root, Harvest Grains, Praire Fire, Urban Slice and the Sett)

It may seem that this post has an excessive amount of exclamation points, but there is a lot that we are excited about and a lot that you should be getting excited about! Come check out Union South, especially Of Montreal on Friday, Owen Pallett on Saturday and Breathe Owl Breathe on Sunday (a beautiful weekend of shows that we have put together for opening weekend).

See all of you there!


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