This Weekend in der Rath: SHARON VAN ETTEN + Little Scream, MILAGRES + Zoo Animal

Friday, 9:30pm @ Der Rathskeller: Sharon Van Etten and Little Scream

Sharon Van Etten possesses a voice that is powerful enough to move you, and experienced enough not to lie. She speaks the truth through her music, an adult account of heartache and romance. Her folk singer/songwriter style is reminiscent of her roots in Tennessee, and her life in Brooklyn, simple and robust. Come see this up and coming artist in the rathskeller before she takes off, or rather, as she is taking off.

Accompanying Sharon Van Etten is Little Scream, a similar artist from Montreal. Little Scream is a cuter version of Van Etten that looks like Susan Sarandon.

Make sure you make it to Der Rath this Friday to catch the next big things in folk singer/songwriting brought to you by Brigid Hogan.


This Saturday at 9:30 pm Milagres is going to rock in der Rathskeller. A five-part band from Brooklyn, Milagres has been gaining a lot of buzz lately and is currently on a tour promoting their next album, Glowing Mouth, set to be released this fall. Milagres is a band for nearly any indie fan with their versatile pop-alternative sound and stripped down energy.

WUD music members have been referring to Milagres as “the triangle band”, because of their awesome logo.

Opening will be the Minneapolis group Zoo Animal, with a grunge minimalism style.

This Saturday night is brought to you by Adam Raimond! Be there or be a triangle.



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