F. Stokes Today at der Rath

TONIGHT (4/29) at dER RATHSKELLER (or the Terrace), F. Stokes will be gracing us with his presence at 9:30PM.

F. Stokes, on his website, professed his dislike for spitting out mundane facts for the purpose of a bio so that isn’t what we’ll do here. I will say that he’s from Madison, though. That is always exciting. Instead, I’ll name some of his songs: The GO, Powder Eggs, Hang On, Jeremiah, Support the Hustle, So Into U. The names alone don’t do him justice, so check out this video:

This event is being co-sponsored by MCSC so be sure to thank them. The Multicultural Student Coalition has been working hard to promote Hip-Hop As A Movement Week and we worked with them for this Friday (today) to have it finish up with such an artist as F. Stokes.

It’s even sunny out! So join us and F. Stokes TONIGHT at der Rathskeller Terrace. 9:30.


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