This Weekend in the City: Ted Leo, The Felice Brothers, and The Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band

THIS FRIDAY- otherwise known as May 6- see TED LEO play THE TERRACE at 9:00PM.

Ted Leo has been described as a mighty sparrow or rather, The Mighty Sparrow. Although people try to say that Even Heroes Have To Die, that will never be true of the true alternative rock that Ted Leo brings. Old Souls Know that Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are The High Party and would agree that he’s fantastic solo. Besides older generations loving Ted Leo, those on The Great Communicator (the internet) have also not been able to stop their Squeaky Fingers from blogging about him. Don’t be a sheep, go Against The Grain and get yourself to the Terrace on Friday before The World Stops Turning to see this act.

Before you enjoy Ted Leo, come to see Davey von Bolen of Maritime and the group Title Tracks. Davey von Bolen is another one set off on a solo tour from his current group, a buzzy indie band. Title Tracks is another solo project! Clearly we matched these three artists well. Musician John Davies was in the band Q and Not U and is still a member of Georgie James.

IN CASE OF RAIN, this show will be moved INSIDE dER RATH.

It’s not too late to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in honor of the Felice Brothers who will grace our fledgling Sett this Saturday, May 7 at 9 p.m.!

These brothers four bring with them sounds reminiscent of the Catskill Mountains and backyard BBQs.  Those who have had the pleasure of hearing them live say concertgoers cannot help but leave the show converted.  Listening to their jazzy grunge and piano interludes brings to mind goose bumps and hair standing on end just before a summer lightning storm.  Let their warm and rumbling classic, yet occasionally electronic, folk sound wash over you. Mmm.

This Saturday on The Terrace @ 9:30pm: The Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band

Make your way out the Terrace this weekend to see a legendary steel band, whose claim to fame is touring with Wisconsin native Liberace in the 1970’s. The band was sent to the states back in 1967 to represent the culture of Trinidad. Since then they have remained a collective icon in steel pan music, playing with Liberace, Sinatra, Bob Hope, being featured on the Ed Sullivan Show and playing before Queen Elizabeth. Yes, that’s right. All you English/British fanatics will meet someone who has met the Queen, and on a lesser note, they have like a Grammy or something.

Watch the video. It speaks for itself.


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