I’ll Never Tell

It is 9:50AM and this blogger has been up all night! I just have a few things to share with you as there aren’t shows to write about.

On mouth breathers in the library: A case study
Both my hypothesis and conclusion are that they are terrible people. Here’s looking at you, red shirt. I’ve been here all night and I’m crazy… watch out.

On music
Our favorite, Yellow Ostrich, got an NPR song of the day! Congratulations, little yellow birdie!

I almost convulsed with excitement at this one (actually, I did convulse but that is because the chairs at College library are on par with or worse than bear traps comfort-wise):
Beirut is releasing a new album THIS. YEAR. Plenty of places have blogged it but I prefer this one because
A. you get a recording of Zach Condon’s delectable voice and
B. it’s an Irish website.

If you are ever bored and looking for a good way to pass the musical hours, look up the song “Little Boxes” on grooveshark. There are over 40 covers of it and they are all just thrilling. My personal favorites are the Man Man and the Shins versions.

On bubonic plague


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