Member of the Week: Adam Raimond

Meet WUD Music member Adam Raimond!
Year and major?
I am going to be a senior majoring in Psychology, aka the most popular major choice on campus. I’m such a snowflake.

What’s the best thing about being on WUD music?
Easily the people I have met through it. I met pretty much everyone I talk to on a regular basis from UW through WUD albeit directly or indirectly. Runner up incentive is the chance to bring in some amazing acts.

Summer concert/festival plans?
A lot of Terrace shows, since there’s plenty of good ones. Probably one day of Summerfest to see likely Alkaline Trio, then 2 days of Pitchfork. Not a whole lot for me this summer.

Favorite artist of the moment? And/or favorite song of the moment?
Favorite Artist atm: (shameless plugin version (hint hint)) Company of Thieves are getting a lot of plays, since i’m really liking their newest.
(real answer) A Tampa, FL skarcore/experimental group called Paranoia Dance Party! ( Very interesting stuff.
Favorite Song: Husker Du – Never Talking to You Again (
Hardly a new song, but definitely hasn’t aged. Short, sweet and to the point.

Dream concert line-up and location?
The sit down and chillax portion: Steely Dan
The dance your ass off portion: The Prodigy
The make your ears bleed to death portion: My Bloody Valentine
At Bascom Hill, mostly sunny, 75 degrees.

Craziest show you’ve ever been to?
The Cannibal Corpse/Dying Fetus/Vital Remains/Devourment show at the Annex last November. The names of the bands should tell you enough, but it was brutal. Someone headbutted me really hard in the face and I moshed and headbanged until I couldn’t any longer.


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