This Friday: Peter Wolf Crier & Milagres

Both Peter Wolf Crier and Milagres released new albums in September and are touring together for just a few more shows–one of which is in (dream come true) the Sett this Friday (tomorrow!) at 9 PM! If you’ve never heard them play before, you won’t want to miss this! Get a taste of what you’ll be hearing here:

Setting It Off – Peter Wolf Crier

 Here to Stay - Milagres

In anticipation for what will be a great show, we asked Milagres a few questions about their newest album, Glowing Mouth, and what it’s really like being on tour. Brace yourselves for the results that followed…

WUD: How would you describe the sound of your new album?
We hope it’s not too easily described. It’s got a bit of a  warm spices, exotic animals, sublime power of nature, skull made of diamonds kind of feel to it.

W: What were your artistic goals for it?
We didn’t realize we were making an album until we got to a certain point and at that point it was all about doing justice to the songs in whatever way we could.  We wanted the album to be diverse, unique and without schtick.  We also really wanted to work with Billy Joel, but that didn’t happen.

W: What’s it really like being on tour?
K: Well, the short answer is that it is a lot of fun, but sometimes its what I like to call “type 2 fun.”  “Type 2 fun” is when something is not fun at all while you’re doing it but it seems really fun in retrospect after you’ve gotten through it.  A lot of mountaineers and outdoorsy types use “type 2 fun” to describe miserable but amazing experiences and that’s where I got it from.  I think touring is a good mixture of fun and type 2 fun, and in fact, the experience it most resembles is probably a wilderness expedition, except instead of wilderness you have a lot of terrible fast food, sketchy hotels, loud bars and many millions of screaming fans.

W: What’s your most memorable tour experience with Peter Wolf Crier so far?
Who is Peter Wolf Crier? Oh, those guys! Yeah, those guys are alright.  We went to New Orleans together on our day off and someone from Kill Rock Stars had dared us to drink “Hand Grenades.” They turned out not to be the most tasteful of libations but they did the job. Then we all got in an argument over Vampire Weekend which turned into an all out bar brawl. Peter threw Louisiana hot sauce in my eyes and I dumped a bucket of crawfish shells over his head. Brian smacked steve across the face with a muffaletta and then Fraser rubbed Kyle (Flater’s) face in a plate of beignets.  Eventually we got kicked out, went back to Peter Wolf Crier’s (luxurious) hotel room where we drank champagne and ate strawberries and chocolate in the hot tub together. ‘Twas a night to remember.

(Photo compliments of Milagres. Thanks, guys!)


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