Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars

The weather’s starting to get colder and right about now you’re thinking,yea this is nice but  I could really use some great music to put me back in that summer state of mind. We feel the same, so this Saturday we bring you Tani Diakite and the Afrofunkstars.

Tani Diakite is a master kamale n’goni player from Wasulu, Mali. If you’re not familiar with the n’goni instrument family, the donso n’goni is an older six string instrument that was traditionally used for ceremonial purposes. The smaller version is the kamale n’goni and is characteristic of a popular style of music from Mali called Wasulu.

The music is unique but yet so familiar with its jam band-esque feel; the n’goni is thought to be the predecessor to the banjo and there’s definitely a hint of bluegrass mixed in with the dance/funk/blues sound. Check out this video from Wisconsin Public Television and around the 8 minute mark notice how the electric guitar comes to the forefront to tie everything together and produce maximum enjoyability.

*Photo Credit AfroCubanLatinJazz/c.

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