Tonight in The Sett: Charlie Brooks and The Way It Is, DMF With Nick Nice

Were you born in the wrong era? Do you long to live in the days where you could take a stroll in Motown and run into Barry Gordy, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, or Diana Ross? How about the 70’s – do you find wish you could have seen Lou Rawls live or have a strong urge to “stay together” with Al Green? Charlie Brooks and The Way It Is are the answer to your prayers, and lucky for you their home is in Madtown rather than Motown. Soulful guitar solos, horn sections, and hammond organs are still alive, and this band is evidence.

Charlie Brooks has established himself amongst the finest names of his Motown and soul, having shared bills with Sly and the Family Stone, Percy Sledge, Chicago, Ray Charles, The Supremes, and The Temptations. You know he’s got to have soul to find himself in that kind of company. He’s proof that there are those of us that know the best way to keep our feet warm in this town known for its frigid weather is to dance.

The dancing doesn’t end with Charlie Brooks and Co., either, as Nick Nice will be back yet again to spin songs of a more contemporary nature at DNCE MTHR FCKR at midnight. It’ll be a cool opportunity to witness the evolution of dance music, all while burning some calories. So get yourself to The Sett on Friday to see some local legends do what they do best: get you out of your seats and having a good time.


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