Justin Vernon IS NOT from MN

If you read about my shame spiral earlier in the week, shame spiral no more my friends. However, I did spend another sleepless night writing a TV criticism paper. This also happens to be the week I discovered I picked the wrong major.

Anyway, despite the sleeplessness and some other somber events this week, I’m grateful it’s Friday and I’m here to enjoy it and wanted to share some happiness with you too.

  • Thought Catalog. If you’ve never read it before it provides comic relief and mutual understanding for stressed, dysfunctional 20 somethings. When you read it you actually LOLZ because you totes relate to what they’re talking about. Good reads this week include: 10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children, What’s Happening To My Body? Book For Girls, and The Unfit For Social Interaction Generation.
  • Just discovered Fraggle Rock is on Netflix Instant Play and Clone High is on Project Free TV- Nostalgia BOMB
  • Franzia in a can? I’m pretty sure my friend lied to me on this one. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  • BON IVER! Uploaded simply breathtaking videos on YouTube to accompany the songs on the self titled album. Hollywood Reporter BTW inaccurately cited JV as being from MN. What’s up with that doods?!! ;{D



One thought on “Justin Vernon IS NOT from MN

  1. 1. I don’t know about Franz in a can, but there are definitely wine juice boxes. Worth checking out? YUP. It’ll change your life.
    2. Thought Catalog is the best thing ever created.

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