Watch Deleted Scenes, Lost Lander Record Daytrotter Sessions

I maintain that you can’t be call yourself a music fan if you live in the Midwest and don’t know what Daytrotter is. Until recently, each day Daytrotter would post songs free for download that the best indie bands would record when they stopped by their studio, the Horseshack, in Rock Island, IL. The songs are still there, but now a month’s membership costs $2 (They made the decision to turn to the fans for support rather than corporate ads). One of the great things that came along with that decision was that they began to film bands in the studio as they recorded them.

Daytrotter’s position in Illinois means that UW-Madison often sees the bands that record their sessions shortly before or after they visit the studio; Star Slinger, Shlohmo, and Shigeto, all visited the studio the day after playing a triple bill at the Sett. In the next two weeks, you can see two bands playing at UW-Madison venues record sessions shortly before appearing here: Deleted Scenes and Lost Lander. Deleted Scenes will record this Saturday at Noon CST before their 9:00 p.m. show the same night at The Sett. Next week, you can watch Lost Lander do the same at 2 p.m. CST on Thursday, the day before they take the stage at Der Rath. This could be a great way of familiarizing yourself with the bands before you see them in person! Check out Daytrotter’s schedule for more upcoming sessions.

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