The Weekend In Photos

There are over 80 pictures to check out here of the weekend’s concerts; the bands were just too photogenic to narrow it down any more. YACHT’s video graphics, amazing poses, crowd interactions, and general awesomeness made each picture unique. Asobi Seksu’s energy comes through in photos of them. Juniper Tar invited folks on stage, which made for excellent pictures. Photos of Night Moves, Asumaya, Trapper Schoepp, and Kane Place Record Club also display how hard these guys rock. So check out the pics – you might just spot yourself in some.

Have pictures of these shows you think the world needs to see? Send them to and we’ll probably add them. Click photos to enlarge.

All photos by T.J. Matzen unless otherwise noted.

YACHT, Asobi Seksu, and Asumaya
February 17, 2012 – The Sett

Asobi Seksu


DTF – YACHT Afterparty

Juniper Tar w/ Chaperone
Der Rathskeller – February 18, 2012

Photo by Molly Palzkill

Photo by Molly Palzkill

Trapper Schoepp

Photo by Molly Palzkill

Night Moves w/ Kane Place Record Club
The Sett – February 18, 2012

Night Moves

Kane Place Record Club


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