The Poison Control Center, Sat. Nite Duets, and The Fatty Acids take over Der Rath Saturday

Sat. Nite Duets

Cancel all previous Saturday night plans (with the excuse of “i’m going to a sick concert”), for you will not want to miss this show that WUD Music has so kindly booked for you. As The Fatty Acids start off the night with their named “quirk pop” sound (or according to the band themselves “psych polka” and “scramble pop”), standing still will not be an option. Their new album Leftover Monsterface (available for free download on their bandcamp), released in June 2011, has an unusual alternative rock feel, but also resembles electronic pop. With their hometown in Milwaukee, the band’s fan base continually grows through passionate live performances.

Next, Sat. Nite Duets set high expectations from their recent album, Summer of Punishment. Revealed in a recent CNN interview, Sat. Nite Duets use their songs to “poke fun at societal outrages” during the political tension residing in Wisconsin. Their humorous stance adds that much more to their rock and roll performance.

To end the night on a fantastic note, The Poison Control Center will take the stage, hailing from Ames, Iowa. There unique personality can be heard in songs such as “Some Ordinary Vision” or “Dracula’s Casket.” But just listening to them on your speakers does not do this band justice. The prominent sounds of the guitar combined with hard vocals can only result in a heart-pounding performance– In conclusion, it will be awesome.

Download a song from each band below and join us at Der Rath at 9:30 on Saturday.

Download The Fatty Acids’ “Memory Banks”
Download Sat. Nite Duets’ “Way Behind My Age Group”
Download Poison Control Center’s “Underground Bed”


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