Just Announced: An Evening with Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman

It’s official: The man behind one of the most notorious mustaches of our generation will be visiting Madison. Nick Offerman, most famous for portraying Ron Swanson – the blunt, hyper-masculine Director of the Pawnee Department of Parks & Recreation on NBC’s Parks & Recreation – will take the stage at Memorial Union’s Union Theatre for “An Evening with Nick Offerman” on April 18th. The show includes what you might expect of the genius behind a character such as Ron Swanson: a Q & A, humorous anecdotes, acoustic songs (Will Duke Silver be making an appearance?!?!), tips for living a prosperous life (See the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness), and much more.

Let’s talk about a few of the reasons Nick Offerman is every bit as cool in real life as the character he plays on Parks & Recreation: 1) Offerman is an expert woodworker and owner of Offerman Woodshop. He honed his skills as a theater set designer and now puts them to use creating such awesome things as canoes, some of which have been featured on Parks & Recreation. 2) Offerman is married to Megan Mullally, best known as Karen on Will & Grace. She has appeared as Tammy 2, the manipulative second wife (and second to be named Tammy) of Ron Swanson. 3) Offerman appears in the movie re-hash of 21 Jump Street, which opens this Friday and currently has a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 27 reviews from top critics. That’s pretty impressive.

A pre-sale for students of the university will occur on March 20th (a week from today) in which 250 tickets will be available for $10. Tickets for the pre-sale must be purchased at the Union box office or by telephone. The next day, March 21st, tickets will be on sale to the public for the price of $15 for students and $25 for non-students. After you buy your ticket, feel free to watch full episodes from this season of Parks & Recreation with it, streaming online until the season returns April 19th. Then show up ready to laugh on Wednesday, April 18th!

Watch to witness some of Offerman’s best work as Swanson:


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