MODA Magazine Fashion Showcase: BBU and DJ DiOx

As magnificent MODA garments make their way down the runway, your feet will be itching to dance because of the beats DJ DiOx will be dropping at the fashion show this Friday at The Sett. And afterwards, to continue the night, the anticipated BBU will then give those feet the chance to actually dance with head-nodding, arm-dropping songs.

Originating from Chicago, members Epic, Illekt, Jason Perez, and DJ Esquire have begun to capture everyone’s attention with their hip-hop and “people’s movement” tracks. Songs like “Chi Don’t Dance” and “I Do This For My Culture” emphasize the importance of a community and a connected culture through lyrical messages. In 2009, “Chi Don’t Dance”was named by Pitchfork one of the “Best New Tracks.”

It is not hard to enjoy the songs created by these artists, in fact it’s quite easy. Quoted from Audible Treats Ltd., DJ Esquire says, “it’s all about spreading a positive energy,” to which Jason Perez adds “making a connection to the culture, to the movement.” Their inspirations come from artists such as M.I.A., Dead Prez, and Bad Brains. bell hooks, the band’s second mix-tape, was released in February 2012 and received a 7.8 from the tough Pitchfork critics. Not bad, BBU.

And although their main objective is to get their message across, making sure the crowd is doing what they do best – dancing it up – is also a huge concern. Be a part of that crowd and witness BBU’s talented and unique presence on stage this Friday in conclusion of the MODA Fashion show. It’s one you do not want to miss.

Download “Beau_Si” from BBU’s bell hooks  


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