Just Announced: Big Freedia and the Divas

Often with these announcements I use terms like “get your toes tapping” or “make your feet move.” When Big Freedia and the Divas hit the stage, you’ll feel the rhythm a little higher up on the posterior side of your body. Those who are familiar with Freedia know that the purpose of the music – coined “bounce music” – is almost primarily to get your rump shaking, and those who don’t know Freedia need only to watch one of the videos from the 2010 release Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1 to find out:

Yes, that’s the kind of excellence you can expect on Saturday, April 14th and more. That “more” may include a lesson on how to make your rear fly around like the dancers in the video, a skill which Big Freedia has been known to teach and pass on to crowds between delivering clever and inviting rhymes. It’s one you’re definitely not going to miss, and as usual, the show is free. So bring your dancing shoes and… dancing shorts?… to The Sett on April 14th when Big Freedia comes to town.


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