Rosie Thomas with Bhi Bhiman

Rosie Thomas and her band recently kicked off their first tour in over four years. They’ll be stopping off in Madison this Saturday and will no doubt give us the highly anticipated musical performance we’re all hoping for (and more!). Thomas has been releasing albums since 2001 under various labels such as Sub Pop Records (The Shins, Dum Dum Girls) and her very own Sing-A-Long Records. Thomas’s most recent album With Love was released this past Valentine’s Day—the perfect day for falling in love with… With Love! New York Times said, “Her new songs frame love as an action as well as a condition, sometimes ruefully and sometimes, as on ‘Over the Moon,’ radiantly.” Beyond her new album and the tour, Thomas recently collaborated with singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens to produce a new split single scheduled for release on Record Store Day April 21. Thomas said on her website that her show will have it all: songs new and old, full and stripped down, encouragement, storytelling, and some lovely comedy by her quirky alter ego- pizza delivery gal Sheila Saputo (Seriously, look at pictures of her. It will make your day).

Bhi Bhiman will be opening for Thomas this portion of the tour while Ivan & Alyosha will take over in late April. Bhiman is a first-generation American of Sri Lankan ancestry from the Bay Area. He has gained extensive recognition with the release of his sophomore album Bhiman under Boocoo Music. Bhiman features seemingly timeless and enthralling vocals along with skillful acoustics reminiscent of sixties folk. Needless to say, he’ll be sure to captivate the crowd this Saturday. So come chill at the Sett for an evening of splendid entertainment.

Check out the trailer for With Love below and a music video from Bhi Bhiman


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