Screaming Females + Cavemen + Giant People – Friday in Der Rath

Everybody scream for Screaming Females, Cavemen and Giant People this Friday in Der Rath! But seriously, there should be a large crowd gathered around this German-styled stage at 9 p.m., because it’s going to be pretty pulse-racing.

Starting off the night are Giant People. Their style can be described through the song, “The Steve Irwin,” which resembles a punk combination of The Rolling Stones and Jet. This Madison band has the right amount of garage-band style to get your Friday nightrolling.You can download their Giant EP for free at their Bandcamp.

But to change the vibe up a bit, Caveman will follow Giant People with their mysterious indie sound. Their recent album, Coco Beware, contains songs such as “Easy Waters” and “My Time” that sooth your senses with the combination of lyrics and acoustic instruments. According to an article from The New York Times, this album can be described as “cool-headed” but “straightforward.” The mesmerizing tunes are what is needed prepare yourself for the next band to take the stage –Screaming Females.

Screaming Females will end the night with a bang–only one female in the group though. Articles such as the SXSW review of 2011 found on Pitchfork emphasize that the lead singer, Marisa Paternoster, is a tiny woman with an exceptionally, powerful voice. Their album, Castle Talk, was given a 7.9 on Pitchfork and was quoted as “the band’s tight, tense dynamic.” Prominent sounds of the electric guitar, bass, drums and Paternoster’s voice really make this the rock album what it is, along with their live performance.

Download songs from Screaming Females and Cavemen below. So come and experience this band live and the fantastic lineup for the night starting at 9 p.m.

Download Screaming Females’ “Help Me”
Download Caveman’s “Old Friend”


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