Big Freedia and The Divas with Sissy Nobby and DJ Diamond at The Sett

In the mood to get your booty shakin’?! If you are (and why would you not be?) then we have just the thing for you. Big Freedia and The Divas, along with Sissy Nobby and DJ Diamond, will be playing at The Sett this Saturday 4/14… And if you’re nervous your dance skills might not be up to par, don’t be! Before the show at 8 p.m., Big Freedia and The Divas will be giving a lecture and a lesson on bottom bouncing… Oh yeah. So, don’t fret about not being able to Bounce just right- Big Freedia will guide you and the rest of the crowd into eternal rump-bumping bliss.

Big Freedia is a renowned Bounce artist hailing from New Orleans. For those of you unfamiliar with Bounce, it is the dance form Big Freedia’s music is based on that specializes exclusively in shaking one’s tail feather. Big Freedia’s dance and musical skills are both critically acclaimed and present fresh and exciting rhythms. Recently, Best of the Beat 2011 Music Awards named Big Freedia Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist. Over the past decade, Big Freedia has played alongside artists such as Spank Rock and Snoop Dogg and just recently toured Europe. Big Freedia will also be playing at the legendary Bonnaroo this June. Upon being a talented musician and dancer, did you know that Big Freedia has an online video game?! If you didn’t, you can check it out here because it’s supremely awesome. Big Freedia will surely get you grooving, so get your you-know-what down to the Sett and see what Bounce is all about!

Sissy Nobby, another fantastic Louisiana Bounce artist, will also be performing at the Sett Saturday night. Besides having ridiculously wonderful dance skills, Sissy Nobby creates music that is both witty and fun. Honestly, folks, an opportunity like this one does not come along often: two seasoned and superb Bounce artists plus up-and-coming hip-hop artist DJ Diamond. There is no better time to “back that thang up” and satisfy your ears with some lively and exciting melodies.

DJ Diamond is a Chicago-based hip-hop artist who will get your head bobbing and body grooving. His debut album Flight Muzik was released last August under Planet Mu Records and has since spurred much approval from local listeners. Flight Muzik introduced tracks that were both soulful and mind infusing; sampling various beats and sounds. His music has been described as both trance-inducing and dreamlike (sweet). We can expect some sophisticated yet atypical beats from DJ Diamond- something that’s rare these days. You definitely don’t want to miss a night of body movin’ and groovin’ this Saturday at the Sett! (For Free, of course!)

Download Big Freedia’s “Feelin’ Myself”


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