Jason Reeves w/ Anais Mitchell and Cuddle Magic

Got plans tonight? You do now. Der Rath is throwing it down with some of the indie community’s most serene talents.

You’d be flabbergasted by the sheer number of Jason Reeves’ past collaborations with some of the music industry’s biggest pop artists, like Colbie Caillat and American Idol’s Kara Dioguardi and Katharin Mcphee. While Reeves is a highly sought after collaborator, his solo music career has been just as successful. His debut album  wowed the iTunes community, snagging the title of one of iTunes’ best indie albums of 2007.

Anais Mitchell could be described as the haunting combination of Cyndi Lauper and Ani DiFranco. Last year, she opened for Horse Feathers in Der Rath, persuading the entire crowd to sit on the floor in a sing-along style. With Righteous Babe Records, Mitchell has created four albums. Mitchell says her newest album, Young Man in America, is “inspired by American manhood, British ballads and my father.” As a huge fan of Anais, Justin Vernon collaborated with her on her folk opera titled Hadestown. Mitchell has also recently been on tour with Bon Iver in Europe. Bon Iver also recently covered her song, “Coming Down.” Vernon says the song “takes you to a very far away place, away from where you are.”

Brooklyn’s own Cuddle Magic will also be performing Saturday night. This is no regular indie band, however. With twangy vocals, string instruments, and a trumpet, Cuddle Magic brings new meaning to tasty indie harmonies.

Come check out Jason Reeves, Anais Mitchell, and Cuddle Magic in Der Rath at 9:30, and check out Reeves’ video for Back With Me below.


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