Ezra Furman, Chamberlin, Coo Woo at Der Rath this Friday (Whoo!)

Hey everyone! Come and see how good these bands look! (Anchorman reference anybody?) Anyways, yes, Der Rath will see a magnificent lineup this Friday night. Coo Woo (their name is just fun to say), Chamberlin, and Ezra Furman are all bands who have their own distinct sound and together will make your Friday night beyond enjoyable. 

First up, Coo Woo is a punk band that also incorporates some electronic beats into their instrumental-based sound. They do resemble that of Vampire Weekend when you hear the light and happy feel found in many of their songs. “Love Exposure” is a perfect example of this because there are no lyrics in the song at all, just instrumental combinations. “The Fave” is a positive listen that contains many snippets of harmonized voices. It also makes me want to go to a beach on a summer night. 

Following Coo Woo will be Chamberlin, a band originating from Vermont that instead focuses on the voices going through to the listener instead of the background instruments. Their own songs, “Sixty Days” and “Fools,” mainly contain either acoustic guitars or subtle electric instruments with a prominent voice. The lead singer’s voice can go from soft to high in pitch in a smooth transition, much like Caleb Followill from the band Kings of Leon.The band has done covers of other songs by artists such as Cults, Kanye West, and Passion Pit. Chamberlin “cabinizes” these artists’ songs, which means to “take a song with unique, modern elements and strip it down at their cabin, showing the strength of the song at its core,” according to the bands bio.

Even though he does not have a term for it, Ezra Furman does his own “showing of the strength of the song at its core” through his raspy but soulful voice and instrumental use. “The Year of No Returning” is an unusual combination of instruments (guitars, strings, bells) that makes you feel as though you are walking into a Wild West movie. Now and then you hear the shrill sound of his voice in songs such as “American Soil,” which in fact should be named “American Soul” because of the strong, rock ‘n roll-but-bluesy feel. Don’t be frightened by his nose-bleed picture on the album, The Year of No Returning, because it contains great listens for any mood.

Since you’ve just been bombarded with all of this information, you should really just go listen to these bands for yourself and see what you get out of their creative songs. Yes! Friday night plans made!

Watch Ezra play “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” for the Buzz Basement Sessions below.


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