Tomorrow at the Sett: Blackbird Blackbird with Canopies and Kiazma, DTF with Nick Nice!

We have some brilliant electro-pop lined up for you this Friday at the Sett: San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird, Milwaukee’s Canopies, and Madison’s own Kiazma.

Since 2010, Blackbird Blackbird has released two full length albums, Summer Heart and Halo. Back in 2011, Blackbird Blackbird did a remix of Beach House’s hit “I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun,” blending its indie goodness with electronic-y hip-hop awesomeness. This past Monday, Blackbird Blackbird released his single “Waikiki”- available for download below. With electronic vibes and dreamy vocals, “Waikiki” is a relaxing but danceable fusion of sounds. Be sure to check out Blackbird Blackbird’s other recently released single, “New Leaf.”

The A.V. Club called Canopies’ self-titled debut EP “terrific, infectious electro-pop” and I couldn’t agree more. Released last year, the band’s five-track collection combines sophisticated electro with classic instrumentals (Download it for free at the band’s bandcamp). Canopies is loaded with personality and catchy choruses, not to mention its psychedelic groove nature makes it very danceable.

Kiazma, a local Madison spinna’ will be opening for Blackbird Blackbird and Canopies on Friday. If I do say so myself, his stuff is really cool. This past January he released a 4-track EP, Emergence, which is available for download on his bandcamp. Deep drum and bass pulls you in and takes you to a happy, synthesized place- definitely give “Weeping Wind” a listen. With the perfect blend of excitement and tranquility, Kiazma will leave you feeling good.

If you’re into artists like M83, Passion Pit, and Star Slinger or you’re just an all around electronic aficionado/ synth head, you’ll dig Blackbird Blackbird, Canopies, and Kiazma. Be sure to stick around after the show for DTF with Madison’s Nick Nice to partake in even more dreamy electro-beat loveliness.

Download Blackbird Blackbird – “Waikiki”


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