Tonight in the Sett: Kina Grannis w/ Imaginary Friend, DTF w/ Gabe Herrera

Everybody has their favorite YouTube sensation, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Kina Grannis was yours. Before Grannis became a YouTube maverick, she self-released three EP’s at her alma mater, USC. In 2007, her video “Message From Your Heart” aired during the Super Bowl as part of the “Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl Contest,” which propelled Kina into the national spotlight. In 2011, Kina re-released a newer version of her album Stairwells, which included four new tracks. Her light, bubbly voice has brought nearly 97 million views to Kina’s YouTube channel, and she even has done a few collaborations with another YouTube favorite, Boyce Avenue. Kina has covered a handful of popular songs, including U2’s “With or Without You” and Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” She is currently touring for her “In Your Arms World Tour 2012.” It’s pretty evident that Kina’s popularity will keep escalating not only on YouTube, but in the pop industry as well.

Imaginary Friend, effortlessly compatible with Kina’s voice, will be opening for her tonight. With his acoustic guitar and sleepy voice, Imaginary Friend has the perfect sound to woo plenty of fans. Imaginary friend and Kina even do ocassional YouTube collaborations, covering Coldplay’s “Fix You” and Foster the Peoples’ “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Add a few more views to Kina Grannis’ channel by checking out the adorable “In Your Arms” video (made with stop motion and 288,000 jelly beans) and the aforementioned “Pumped Up Kicks” below. The show gets started at 9 p.m. at the Sett. Stick around after Kina’s set for DTF when DJ Gabe Herrera will be throwing it down.


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