Tonight on the Terrace: Spliff Hemingway + Charlie Kim + Big Dylan

Just in case you haven’t noticed them yet, I’d like to point out that the Memorial Union Terrace has BLUE chairs out. Random side note, I know, but to accompany those fabulous lake-colored (if the lake was not a murky green) chairs this Saturday on The Terrace are rappers Spliff Hemingway, Charlie Kim, and Big Dylan, starting at 10 p.m. 

Even though Big Dylan is at the young age of 19, his voice does not portray this in the least. His rapping style began in the party scene and has developed into a performance that still incorporates characteristics of a chill party. The song “Dodge N’ the Law” has a very relaxed beat in the background, which suits Big Dylan’s rapping style that resembles Snoop Dog. He also out his own Midwest-flavored lyrics over the Jay-Z and Kanye West song “Otis.” Check it out

Following Big Dylan is an acoustic rapper that likes to create music for the ladies. Charlie Kim’s recent album is named Songs for Women, and all tracks incorporate some aspect of a relationship. His chill voice that reminds me a tad bit of Mike Posner is perfect for his love songs, “Beautiful Girl” or “We Ain’t Gotta Do Much.” He is currently based in Madison and has been featured on the radio station 93.1 Jamz. Similar to Big Dylan, Charlie Kim also references the party atmosphere in the song “RedBull&Vodka,” which I’m sure is a combination of drink that you crazy Madisonites are familiar with. 

Spliff Hemingway will then finish the night off continuing with that chill-party feel, but in a more simplistic manner. Songs such as “Buddha Heads” have a simple beat in the background, however lyrics are strung together throughout the song with his deep voice, which gives the song a rhythmic feel. Stephanie Jones from the LA Examiner is quoted saying that Spliff Hemingway is the “best of newfound, upcoming underground west coast hip hop.”

And there are your Saturday night plans made. I mean, first off, who doesn’t love a night on The Terrace? And second, who doesn’t like to listen to live music that’s fresh and awesome?

Download Spliff Hemingway’s “Buddha Heads” below via his Bandcamp.


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