A.V. Club Local Series: J. Dante + Sincere Life

J. Dante (top), Sincere Life (bottom)

It’s summertime, which means our series are about to kick off, starting with the first A.V. Club Local Wednesday show tomorrow featuring J. Dante and Sincere Life, a fun listen to anyone’s ears.

While both differ in style, their music is complementary to each other. Sincere Life’s music is true to his name, highlighting the Madison-via-Chicago rapper’s life story in songs such as “Dreams in My Notebook” and “The Truth.” “Dreams in My Notebook,” the title track off his most recent album (available for free download at his bandcamp) contains chill and even eerie tones and a low rapping voice to keep you intrigued. Even though “The Truth” is a bit more upbeat, it still has a soulful, smooth rap. Quoted from the 77 Square article “Mixtape by Mixtape, rapper Sincere Life finds his voice,” Sincere Life states that “people might like it, or they might not,” and is very humble to his recent success. Check him out on the Terrace tonight and download “Revelation” below, a track produced by Sincere Life’s brother Nichi on his first mixtape.

Following Sincere Life is J. Dante, a product of UW-Madison’s First Wave collective. When A.V. Club found this young rapper, he was in fact breakdancing and putting on some impressive moves. Now with works like his latest mixtape, Precious Moments, J. Dante influences the crowd with his deep rapping voice. In the song “Make Moves,” there is a mixture of strings and classical instruments combined with cool rapping lyrics. Download his “Moves” track below off of Precious Moments, which can be downloaded in full for free at his bandcamp.

Together, these two artists create a stylistic flow and will make your night on The Terrace. As with all the shows in the A.V. Club Local Series (full schedule below), the action gets started at 8 p.m. See you there.

Sincere Life – “Revelation (Prod. by. Nichi)”
JDante – “Moves ft Georgia Ellyse (Prod. JuSoul)”

A.V Club Local Wednesdays Schedule

Wednesday, June 6th
J. Dante, Sincere Life

Wednesday, June 13th
Anna Vogelzang, Count This Penny

Wednesday, June 20th
Whiskey Farm, Blessed Feathers

Wednesday, June 27th
Problem Child, Golden Donna

Wednesday July 4th

Wednesday, July 11th
Pushmi-Pullyu, Icarus Himself, and El Valiente

Wednesday, July 18th
Giant People

Wednesday, July 25th
Double Ewes, TBA

Wednesday, August 1st
CONTROL, Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps


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