Friday on the Terrace: Royal Headache, Heavy Times, and The Lonesome Savages

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what it took to make it possible for the fine fellows above to be appearing on the Terrace tomorrow night. First, the meteoric rise: Hailing from Australia, Royal Headache had to gain a large enough following in the U.S. while based on a different side and hemisphere of the globe to be able to have a successful American tour. The fact that they were able to do so is all the more impressive when considering that their debut self-titled LP wasn’t originally released outside of Australia when it dropped in 2011. Despite that fact, the album managed to make such a buzz in the U.S. that it was re-released here last month after being one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the year. The critics have been overwhelmingly positive, including Pitchfork who gave it an 8.0.

Having gained an audience in the U.S., there was an unexpected obstacle that could still stop the band: visas. All packed and ready to go for this tour, they received notice that the State Department needed extra time to review their application for visas, which forced them to cancel the first dates of the tour. Thankfully, they were able to sort it out and make it out here and have reportedly been destroying at the ensuing shows.

So now they’re closing in on the isthmus, but you should in no way feel obligated to see them just because they came all that way… you should see them because they’re awesome. They deliver energetic, lo-fi garage punk with jangly guitars and catchy hooks. Listening to five seconds of “Girls” (mp3 and video below) will undoubtedly convince you that it’s going to be a party, but if that’s not enough then consider that each of the members goes by a different one-word nickname: Shogun, Shortty, Law, and Joe. Could a frontman who goes by “Shogun” possibly be boring? I didn’t think so.

Using logic, you’d probably assume the supporting bands would also be energetic, fun dudes. You’d be absolutely right, so you can tell your dad to stop telling that joke about “what assuming makes out of ‘U’ and ‘Me.'” HoZac Records describe their own Heavy Times as “Chicago’s most lethal band of fast-rising noise pop neurotics.” When you listen to “Skull Hair” bowl you over with sound, you definitely know what HoZac is talking about. Madison’s own The Lonesome Savages will supply punk-infused rockabilly that makes you want to move, even if you’re unsure whether to shake your hips like Elvis or stage-dive like Iggy Pop. Check out their bandcamp page for evidence.

This will be a fast-flying show you surely won’t want to miss. It starts at 9:30, free as usual. In event of inclement weather on the Terrace it will be moved indoors to Der Rathskeller. Download “Girls” and check out the music video below.

Download Royal Headache’s “Girls”


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