Saturday Night on the Terrace: Phat Phunktion

Renowned Madison funk band Phat Phunktion is revisiting the Terrace this Saturday, June 9th at 9:30! The nine-piece band with jazz and soul influences has been gracing the Midwest with their musicianship since 1996. More recently, the band has gained a following spreading both nation and worldwide. Phat Phunktion has self-released four albums, their latest being Real Life .:. High Fidelity in 2009. Produced by band members Tim Whalen and Al Falaschi, the band’s fourth creation shows advanced levels of phunkiness as well as deep lyrics and excellent writing that reveal the band’s growth and overall maturity from previous work.  In the past, the band has performed alongside groups such as The Temptations, WAR and Cameo.

Phat Phunktion has proven to entice their audiences, not only with their music, but with their groovy stage shows as well. They’ll undoubtedly be funking up the Terrace this Saturday night, bringing out both first-rate jam and a loyal “phathead” following, so don’t miss out.


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