A.V. Club Local Wednesday: Anna Vogelzang & Count This Penny

It’s not the Fourth of July just yet, but the A.V. Club is bringing out some excellent Americana pop to the Terrace this Wednesday that just might get us pumped for the annual fireworks and BBQ celebrations on our nation’s Independence Day… If not, you’ll still appreciate the heart-and-soul music of Anna Vogelzang and Count This Penny.

Originally from Massachusetts, Vogelzang attended Carnegie Mellon where she studied both singing and songwriting. Displaying a unique and strong voice in her debut album Some Kind of Parade (2005), Vogelzang definitely proved her talents as a true American singer-songwriter. Vogelzang’s vocals are accompanied by various beautiful instrumentals that complete her forceful but lovely voice.

Madison and Tennessee share roots in the “Appalachian Pop” duo, Count This Penny. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s a Sesame Street reference! Doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks. Anyway, the group released their EP Gone in 2010. With lyrics that revolve around traveling and out-of-this-world harmonies, it hit #6 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. Back in March, the band released From Paper to Iron written for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in honor of civil war soldiers.

These two talented and spirited artists will both be at the Terrace on Wednesday at 8, so be sure to stop by. Check out videos from both bands below.


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