Thursday: Free Energy, Little Legend, & The Frenettes, 9 p.m.

If you don’t know anything about Free Energy, I should only have to tell you one thing to convince you that Thursday is going to be a party: they’re on DFA Records. The fact that they come from the same label as LCD Soundsystem and YACHT comes with certain givens in regards to their music – that you can dance to it, much of it will be upbeat, and it will almost certainly feature the cowbell.

The self-titled song from their 2010 debut Stuck on Nothing offers nothing but support for this assertion, with catchy vocals, a carpe diem theme, and lightning-speed guitar riffs. The video for “Free Energy” (see below) enhances the message with kittens, balloons, sparklers, smoke machines, long hair, and an ample supply of smiles. Critics have dug the good vibes as well – notably Pitchfork, who gave Stuck on Nothing an 8.1. To put it simply, the only way to not have a good time at this show would be if you were trying your hardest not to.

Local lead-in Little Legend has their own foot-stomping guitar rock that will get your blood moving. They released their self-titled debut EP less than a month ago, introducing it to the world at a show that saw them open for Montreal’s Plants and Animals. You can check the EP out on their bandcamp. Getting us started at 9 will be The Frenettes, who will bring their catchy choruses and genuine rock with them from Eau Claire. They’ll release their debut EP, Deal With It, on June 26th, but it’s currently available for streaming at their bandcamp.

So hydrate well over the next few days, because you’ll want to have plenty of energy to express yourself through movement on Thursday when Free Energy, Little Legend, and The Frenettes play the Terrace at 9 p.m. Check out the “Free Energy” video below along with new track “Electric Fever,” and head over to the calendar to see all of the shows that have been announced for the Terrace so far.


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