Friday at the Terrace: Peter Wolf Crier + Chris Bathgate + Sampēa and The Lady Strangers

This Friday evening, plan to make your way to The Terrace because you will not want to miss this lineup.

Originally from Eau Claire but established as a Minneapolis band, Peter Wolf Crier has impressed crowds with both their lyrics and music. As quoted by Pitchfork, Peter Pisano’s songwriting on 2010 debut Inter-Be is “ragged, understated, and striking above all else.” Their sound is a mixture of harmonized voices and key guitar tones, which can be heard in “Hard as Nails,” or “Settling it Off.”

Chris Bathgate will lead in with his indie folk music. He surprisingly started out in the metal scene, but then gravitated towards folk/indie songs and certainly has made himself known for his acoustic sound that includes guitar, piano and string instruments. Examples of this can be found in “No Silver,” and “Yes, I’m Cold.”  His voice is also a peaceful complement to these tracks and is similar to Iron & Wine.

Madison’s own Sampēa and The Lady Strangers will start off the night. Pronounced “Sam P,” this ensemble have combined interesting acoustic sounds with the vocals of what could be compared to as The Parlotones, or even The Beatles. Songs such as “I Might Stop By” and “Forest Fairies/Winter Landscape” are prime examples of this rock/folk sound. You can check their music out at their bandcamp.

This lineup is dominated by the folk/indie sound, but all of these bands alter that genre to make a completely different experience. I believe, we’ve just made your Friday night plans. Download Peter Wolf Crier’s “Right Away” and “Settling It Off” and check out the video for the latter below.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – “Right Away”
Download Peter Wolf Crier – “Settling It Off”


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