This Thursday Night: Elephant Revival with PHOX

Who doesn’t love a transcendental folk band? This Thursday night on the Terrace, Elephant Revival and PHOX will be hauling their plethora of folk instruments to make each and every audience member ogle at their folky awesomeness.

With roots in Colorado and Oklahoma, Elephant Revival is the epitome of Americana folk bands. The band employs a wide array of instruments like washboards, stomp boxes, banjos, musical saws, mandolins, violins, and an upright bass, producing a hauntingly resonant sound for only five members. Not too surprisingly, each member plays multiple instruments during their shows.

In July, 2008, Elephant Revival released their self-titled debut album, produced by David Tiller (Taarka, ThaMuseMeant). Their second album, Break in the Clouds, was released in November, 2010. Now known as one of the pioneers of the genre “transcendental folk,” The band has recently played with Michael Franti, Bela Fleck, and the Yonder Mountain String Band. Akin to Horse Feathers and many other great folky-bluegrass bands, Elephant Revival will undoubtedly make you ready to give up your day job and learn the banjo.

Opening for Elephant Revival is PHOX, who originally started in Baraboo, WI.  The band plays most of the their shows in Madison and surrounding areas. PHOX has that swanky, rock nostalgia sound that is perfect for hand-holding on a warm summer evening. Check out recently released EP Unblushing at their bandcamp.

Get your folk-loving behinds out to the Terrace tomorrow night for some Americana therapeutics. Download Elephant Revival’s “Drop” and check out a video for the unreleased “Remembering a Beginning” below, and head over to the calendar to see what other great shows you can catch on the Terrace.

Download Elephant Revival’s “Drop”


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