Crane Your Swan Neck + Tiny Riots on The Terrace

The heat is so awful that the only thing that you really can do is sit by Lake Mendota and listen to some live music. Let’s be honest, most of us probably are lacking air conditioning anyways. But these bands, Crane Your Swan Neck and Tiny Riots will encourage you to come out to The Terrace whether there is sweltering heat or not.

Crane Your Swan Neck understands the vibe of the Madison scene, since they are from Madison themselves. Their delightful sound that incorporates string influences and acoustic tones is brought together by the lead vocalist Randall Luecke’s lighthearted voice. The highlights of their Bossa Nova sound can be heard in songs such as “Comeback (Tonight We Won’t Die Alone)” and “Staple the Heart” (which has a bluegrass twist). Randall Luecke’s goal is meant to “envelope us in the poisonous vapors of a tortured mind,” according to The Daily Page.

While Crane Your Swan Neck connects us to the acoustic indie music that we enjoy down to our roots, Tiny Riots adds another element to the indie scene by taking it a step further with alternative rock. The electric guitar and pulsating drums are just the backbones to songs like “Replacements” or  “Hearts Should Be Harder,” where vocals resemble that of Death Cab For Cutie. The A.V. Club proclaims that “Michael Lau and Karri Mack’s delicately heartbreaking harmonies make songs like ‘Love’ into beautiful bummers.”

Make sure to see Tiny Riots start of the night and energize the crowd while Crane Your Swan Neck ends the night on blissful, but raw note. By the way- It’s FREE! Check out videos from both bands below, and we’ll see you out on the Terrace tomorrow night.


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