Just Announced

We’ve got fall announcements this week! Now, don’t be alarmed; you still have almost two months left to enjoy your summer. We’re just planning ahead to ensure that you have concerts to attend with your friends when you and/or they get back into town. Your happiness makes us happy.

Ok, enough of this sappy stuff. You want to know who’s coming. Here’s a question: Did you catch the TV show The Voice this last spring? If you did, you were probably enamored with a contestant who used to be in Mickey Mouse Club with judge Christina Aguilera (but chose to work with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine instead). That fella is Tony Lucca, who finished as second runner-up on the show’s second season. He’ll bring a voice that entertained millions of viewers around the world to Madison on September 8th at the Terrace.

On September 29th, Der Rath will play host to Laetitia Sadier, lead singer and creative mind behind Stereolab for two decades. Pioneers of futuristic post-rock, Stereolab’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup was named the #51 album of the 90’s by Pitchfork and #51 indie album of all-time by Amazon. Since the band announced an indefinite hiatus in 2009, Sadier has shown that she’s not done flexing her creative muscle, producing pleasing, gentle ballads on her 2010 solo debut, The Trip, to critical acclaim. There are no doubt many calendars out there that have June 24th circled, as Sadier will release follow-up Silencio on that date.

Is homegrown music your thing? Check out some of Madison’s favorite acts this fall. Madison folk favorites Pioneer will team up with Houston’s Buxton to support Chicago’s Dastardly on September 28th. Dastardly makes some seriously good Americana music, even if their tumblr is anything but serious. Then there’s Blueheels, a true rock band if ever there was one. The Madison quintet was sorely missed during their hiatus of (according to their Facebook) 1.63 years, so there are surely fans giddy with excitement at the news that they release a new album on August 31st and make a live return to their hometown on October 13th at Der Rath.

Our Wisconsin acts don’t just rep Madison. There’s Jaill, the Milwaukee band that impressively found a home at Sub Pop, the prestigious label whose roster is predominantly made up of Pacific-Northwest bands. The psych-pop band rolls into town on October 26th in support of their June-released, third full-length, Traps. Then we have The Daredevil Christopher Wright from Eau Claire (a city whose mayor, I believe, is Justin Vernon. No? I’m being told I’m wrong). Released two weeks ago, The Daredevil Christopher Wright’s sophomore effort, The Nature of Things, is already making waves with its impressive harmonies and scattered instrumentation that interweaves to create pleasingly melodic music. You can see how that translates to a live setting when they are joined by Cuddle Magic on November 2nd in Der Rathskeller.

That’s not all we’ve got, so make sure you check out the full set of announcements below. Included on that list are a few opener announcements for upcoming shows (one of which is tonight), so make sure to check those out. Not completely up-to-date on the schedule? Then after you check out the new shows, head over to the calendar to see what’s already been announced. Have at it.

7/11 Oedipus Tex joining Pushmi-Pullyu and Icarus Himself for A.V. Club Local Wednesday – The Terrace: Memorial Union

7/20 Bailiff opening for These United States w/ Will Phalen & The Stereo Addicts  – The Terrace: Memorial Union (9 p.m.)

7/21 Brontosaurus opening for Maps & Atlases w/ Mutts – The Terrace: Memorial Union (9 p.m.)

9/8 The Voice‘s Tony Lucca – The Terrace: Memorial Union

9/28 Dastardly w/ Buxton, Pioneer – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union

9/29 Laetitia Sadier w/ Orca Team – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union

10/13 Blueheels – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union

10/19 Army Navy – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union

10/20 Ivan & Alyosha w/ Chamberlin – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union

11/2 The Daredevil Christopher Wright w/ Cuddle Magic – Der Rathskeller: Memorial Union


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