AV Club Local Wednesdays: Double Ewes & Dietrich Gosser

Dietrich Gosser

All right, all right, all right, folks! This week, AV Club Local Wednesdays is bringing us two fantastic local acts, Double Ewes and Dietrich Gosser!

Hailing from the not-too-far Janesville, Wisconsin, Double Ewes possesses a unique and experimental sound like none other. The band released Caravilla, which gives listeners a taste of melodic guitar swoons with smidgens of other whimsical instrumentals. You can download it for the price of your choosing at their bandcamp and listen to their full Lost City Music Festival set at J William Sound’s bandcamp.

Also playing on Wednesday evening is Dietrich Gosser, a Madison local with infinite amounts of indie lovin’ to offer. After releasing his debut album, City of Windows, in 2005, Gosser released two follow-up albums. His most recent album, What the Buzzsaw Sings, contains 11 romantic yet nostalgic tracks and can be download for free at his bandcamp page. With emotional voice breaks similar to that of Damien Rice, every listener can identify with Gosser’s creations. The A.V. Club sums it up nicely: “Gosser’s music has a quiet, unassuming quality that can set a convincing mood with just a few patient notes…

Come out to the Terrace on Wednesday night, because you definitely do not want to miss this phenomenal set of local acts. Check out a video of each Gosser in action below.



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