Friday: Shonen Knife w/ White Mystery

Hello there, Madison. We’ve got some pretty exciting news about this Friday: Shonen Knife and White Mystery will be taking control of The Terrace, starting at 9:30pm. You may ask yourself, why is this so exciting? What a valid question. Let us tell you why…

Shonen Knife is not just any other energetic punk rock band. Not only is this band from Japan, but the band members are also three rockin’ girls who have released countless tracks and have received plenty of positive feedback. Formed in 1981 and inspired of The Ramones and The Beach Boys, Shonen Knife certainly has created a unique interpretation of punk rock. Back in 2006, their release of Genki Shock! caught the attention of Pitchfork where the album was given a 7.6 out of 10. Pitchfork enjoyed the vocals on the album, saying, “The band’s familiar, three-chords-and-no-frills guitar chug is typically offset by entertaining lyrical subversions pushed through the Japanese cultural filter.”  Have a listen to their latest LP, Pop Tune, at their Myspace. There is no way that while listening to their spunky guitar tones and their 60’s pop feel one could stay seated.

White Mystery will kick off the show at 9:30 p.m. Although they are not from across the world, White Mystery is a Chicago brother/sister duo that is far from lacking in the ability to rock out. This band is so full of energy, you can feel their excitement through the guitar riffs and crashing symbols. Their album White Mystery was given a 7.2 by Pitchfork, who asserted, “These songs beam with a sincere sense of pride.” White Mystery’s video for “Birthday” was chosen as #3 on MTV The Hive’s “Hive’s Weird Video Premieres – Best of 2011” list. That song came from their sophomore album, Blood & Venom. In April, the band returned with People Power, which the band describe as “a floor-stomping, fist-pumping EP.” Who doesn’t love to floor-stomp and fist-pump? Preview all their releases at their bandcamp.

Moral of the story: come to The Terrace this Friday night to rock out and appreciate the unique qualities of these bands. Check out the video for “Pop Tune” by Shonen Knife below.

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