Just Announced: Teengirl Fantasy, Tia Fuller, and Grupo Fantasma

Can I get a drumroll please? (you’ll have to imagine the drums) The moment has come to announce some very exciting news:Teengirl Fantasy will be coming to UW Madison to perform at The Sett- say what?!

Yes, this psychedelic/dub group that is the combination of 80’s-style music videos and electronic beats of our era will be here in Madison, September 8th. Teengirl Fantasy has gained a lot of recognition over the years since Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss came together in 2009. Their album 7AM, which was released in 2010 on True Panther Sounds, received a 7.2 from Pitchfork. Their song “Cheaters” was described as “the best thing this duo has ever done by a daunting degree.” They’ll release their new album Tracer on August 21st and will be featuring  artists like: Panda Bear, Laurel Halo, Kelela, and Daft Punk. “So FREakin’ Excited!” (Kristin Wiig SNL skit anybody?)

However, Teengirl Fantasy is not the only date that we have to announce today. We have two more artists that deserve just as much recognition. Tia Fuller, a talented saxophonist from Colorado, is performing at The Sett October 12th. Not only is she a notable musician, but Tia Fuller is also a composer and educator. As a young girl, she grew up with music surrounding her and was influenced by her older sister to begin piano at the young age of three. Now, she resides in New Jersey as a jazz musician and will join us here in Madison on the 12th. This event is hosted by the Union Theater, so check with their schedule for ticket prices.

Later on in November, Gupo Fantasma will perform at The Sett. On November 2nd, this Latin music group has seen much success since forming in 2000, including a Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album in 2011 for El Existential on Nat Geo Music. Their music fantastically combines energetic instruments to create a salsa/rock feel and leaves your body itching to dance. Also check with the Union Theater for tickets prices since this event is hosted by the Union Theater as well.

We are ecstatic about all these shows and don’t want you to miss out on any of them! So, check out our WUD Music Calendar to get the scoop on all upcoming dates.

9/8/2012  Teengirl Fantasy- Union South: The Sett

10/12/12  Tia Fuller- Union South: The Sett

11/2/12  Gupo Fantasma- Union South: The Sett


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