This Friday Night on the Terrace: Pat McCurdy

Do you like music? Do you have any semblance of a sense of humor? If you responded “yes” to both of the former questions, you CANNOT MISS Pat McCurdy, who is returning to the Terrace this Friday night to blow your minds on the Terrace.

Pat McCurdy is a household comedian/musician in the Midwest. Throughout the past 30 years, McCurdy has recorded over 13 albums and has played hundreds of shows. He often frequents UW Madison campus to play his infamous song “Sex and Beer,” of which you can feel free to download at the bottom of this post. Wisconsin State Journal praised McCurdy’s live show, saying his “fans get hooked on his presence, his lyrics, his banter with the audience, but also on each other.” 

McCurdy does a phenomenal job of providing an interactive experience for his audience, often having fans come up on stage to join in on his politically incorrect banter. There is no topic that McCurdy won’t cover. From friends with benefits to lesbians to the Green Bay Packers, Pat McCurdy has a song for everyone.

If you’re in the mood for a Terrace show unlike any other, you do NOT want to miss Pat McCurdy this Thursday. Feel free to download “Sex and Beer” below and watch a little preview of Pat McCurdy’s tribute to the 80’s.

Download >> Pat McCurdy – “Sex and Beer


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