Saturday Night on The Terrace: Country Fest

All you country fans- and I know there are plenty in Madison- head on over to The Terrace this Saturday night for Country Fest. The bands The Hoyle Brothers, Ghost Town Council and Vintage Red will be hosting this Country Fest, and it will be one you do not want to miss.

The Hoyle Brothers have been around since 2002, rocking every stage they get a hold of and representing the heart and soul of country music. While their influence incorporates the good Book and traditional country truths, this band portrays country music in an influential way. Songs like “Don’t Leave Yet,” and “Winter in Chicago” have the classic country twain, along with pronounced guitar chords. If you enjoy those two songs, scroll down to the bottom of the page to download “Heavy Now Hangs the Head.” The Chicago Tribune said it best when they described The Hoyle Brothers as “all the elements are there: originals and covers, that uptempo honky-tonk beat made to get your boots scootin’ and a pedal steel sound that is downright salacious.”

The Hoyle Brothers originated in the Chicago area, so for this next band, Ghost Town Council, we must travel north to good ol’ Madison. Ghost Town Council are also an Americana, country band, but they differ from most because of the rock and soul you can feel in their songs such as “Midnight Train to Memphis,” or “AlbertaDarling.” The harmonica and strings almost sound as if they are another chorus line. Which makes sense since their influences include Bob Dylan and The Steeldrivers. They’ll be sure to take hold of your ears and bring out your own country soul.

In order to introduce The Hoyle Brothers with their classic twain and Ghost Town Council with their gripping soul properly, Vintage Red, a cover band of both rock and country, must be the first on the lineup for the night. Vintage Red is a band that consists of local Madison musicians who cover artists ranging all the way from Carrie Underwood to Johnny Cash and even P!nk or Joan Jett. However, you can download one of Vintage Red’s original songs “Brown Eyes Blue” at the bottom of this page. They will be the perfect balance of rock and country to get this Country Fest started.

Obviously if you are a country fan, you will find a Terrace chair Saturday night and claim it for your own so you are able to enjoy these distinctive bands (don’t worry, if you’re not a country fan, you’ll still have a blast).  But before you do, download these two songs and check out the video of The Hoyle Brothers for a little preview of the night.

Download >> Heavy Now Hangs The Head_The Hoyle Brothers

Download>>BrownEyesBlue_Vintage Red


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