Just Announced: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. DJ Set, El Reventonazo, Franz Nicolay

Is everyone moving into apartments or something? It would be odd if all downtown residents are “Spring cleaning” at the same time. But, ahh yes, move-out and move-in week has come upon us. New rooms, new roommates, and new beginnings. Guess what else? New shows to be announced from WUD Music for all to hear!

With all this excitement of returning to Madison, you’ll need some entertainment to welcome all you’re BFF’s back, right? Good news! Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will be hosting the DJ Set at Union South Bash on Friday, September 7th. The two members, Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott, recently formed this band back in 2007 and are now known for their quirky selves and their pop/electronic style. We are pleased to host them on our stage since they fantastically create songs like “We Almost Lost Detroit” or “Morning Thought” that are upbeat and danceable. MGMT would be a good comparison to this band, although Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. adds their own spin to this genre of music. And now that we’ve told you how awesome they are with their own music, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will be doing a DJ set at the Union South Bash- even better!

Then later on in September, a cultural event hosted by MECHA and WUD Music named El Reventonazo will take place on Friday, the 28th. While during the day workshops will be hosted by artists for a fun, but educational experience, later on at night, the artists perform on The Terrace.

Get all the days you can on The Terrace because this next artist will be in Der Rathskeller since it will be the beginning of our frigid days. Franz Nicolay will be joining Madison Friday, November 16th in Der Rathskeller at Memorial Union. Franz Nicolay is a multi-talented musician that played the accordion and piano for The World/Inferno Friendship Society and in The Hold Steady, and now will be visiting our campus to perform his sentimental music that he has made himself. You can hear his talent in songs like “The Hearts of Boston” or “Did Your Broken Heart Make You Who You Are?” from his new album Do The Struggle.

Those are just a few dates coming up this semester, but if you want to see what’s going on for these next few weeks before class starts, check out our WUD Music Calendar. Take advantage of the free time you have.

9/7/2012  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. DJ Set US Bash- Union South: The Sett

9/28/2012 El Reventonazo (MECHA Cosponsorship)- Union South: The Sett

11/16/2012  Franz Nicolay- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 


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