Monday Feature: The Black Keys

WUD Music will be starting a new tradition here on our blog! Every week we will feature an artist that is dear to our writers for two reasons: 1. Music is awesome and everyone should collaborate to spread new artists through the grape vine  2. It gives us bloggers a chance to sound knowledgable of the artists we listen to. So, our first Monday Feature is The Black Keys, simply because they are incredible.

What some might call an obsession, I call reasonable admiration. My obsession appreciation for The Black Keys ignited the one week of school that my mind is utterly packed with information- finals week. I had been listening to Brothers and El Camino sparingly throughout this last semester and was addicted to their comedic music videos “Tighten Up,” or “Howlin’ For You“. However, I did not fall completely for their music until I made the gut purchase of an El Camino tour admission ticket and traveled to The Bradley Center two days before my last two finals of Sophomore year. Was it a poor decision? Of course not.

Let me start off by saying that their set crew wore tuxes. What other band than The Black Keys would be classy enough to have their set crew wear tuxes? There was no question, I was hooked from the beginning. It also helped that my friend and I scored the possibly greatest spots anyone could ever ask for at a concert- front row, center. Every slam of a symbol hit by Patrick Carney on the drums or soulful strum of the guitar made by Dan Auerbach had my attention completely fixed on this impeccable performance. The two started off by playing favorites from Brothers like “Howlin’ For You,” and “Ten Cent Pistol” and ended the night with the lowering of a disco ball to the sultry, “Everlasting Light.”

As a huge “The Black Keys” sign came down, and they walked off stage- while waving goodbye to my friend and I, I might add- my mind could not comprehend all of the emotions I felt at that moment. I do realize that I sound a tad crazy that I felt so connected to this band (don’t worry, i’m not in denial), but isn’t that the goal of a musician? To create something that could potentially impact a complete stranger? Whether it’s just to make their night, or to help define them as a person, musicians like The Black Keys know how to grab hold of their screaming fans.

I’ve heard some talk about The Black Keys becoming too mainstream, but I disagree. They are honestly just gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve after eleven years of being a band. My opinion of any person, place, or thing immediately jumps up a level if The Black Keys are involved in any way. For instance, my top reasons for going to see the movie “The Campaign” are: 1. Zach Galifianakis gets me every time, and 2. “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys plays in the background of the trailer.

So I guess I’ll admit, I do have an obsession. But at least it is of a band that is so raw and talented that has got me deep, down to the core. “[They’re] the worst thing that, I’ve been addicted to” (lyrics from one of my favorites- “Run Right Back”). We’ve also welcomed bands that are similar to The Black Keys to our stage in the past, for example These United States, Mutts, or Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. They may not all sound exactly the same, but that would be beside the point. All these artists have a bluesy/rock soul and put on great shows. Luckily, there will be more to come to our stage in the future [WUD Music Calendar].


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