Just Announced: Mike Droho & The Compass Rose, The Violet Lights, and Behind the Beat

Good afternoon Madison, Wisconsin! Hopefully everyone will take advantage of this gorgeous weather to grab a chair at The Terrace and watch the sailboats glide across the lake. While you are doing this, you may notice the vacant stage on the second level and think to yourself, hmm I wonder who will be performing next on The Terrace…

This is where we come in. The upcoming month of September is packed so heavily with activities that it would be impossible to say, “i’m bored.” That being said, we must bring up again how excited we are to have Tony Lucca perform on our stage and can now announce Mike Droho & The Compass Rose as Tony Lucca’s opener. Mike Droho & The Compass Rose is a group of experienced and talented musicians that is a perfect introduction to Tony Lucca. Originating from Madison, they sound as though they are the combination of Jason Mraz and O.A.R., which makes it easy to enjoy their songs such as “Shame on You,” or “Louise.”

We also have another opener to announce for later on this Fall, the show Army Navy on October 19th will now have The Violet Lights start off the night. The band was originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, but moved out to Los Angeles to start their music career. As they now come back to Wisconsin, they have established themselves as a pair of rock musicians that combine garage band tones with catchy lyrics. Their debut EP Sex and Sound has hints of bands like The Rolling Stones and The White Stripes. Check out some of the songs on the album here.

There you have it. Now you may go back to watching those sailboats and windsurfers take over Lake Mendota. For more reference of the shows to come, check out our WUD Music Calendar.

9/8/2012  Tony Lucca + Mike Droho & The Compass Rose, Memorial Union: The Terrace

10/19/2012 Army Navy + The Violet Lights, Memorial Union: The Terrace


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