Friday night at Funk Fest: Tweed Funk and The Mustache

 This Friday night, we have two funk bands full of soul and jive. Tweed Funk, a band from Milwaukee, just recently released their second album, Love Is. The album hit number three on Smokestack Lightnin’s Top 25 Blues CD’s this past June. Tommy Thompson, from Smoke Stack Lightnin Top 25 Blues Countdown, stated “this is a true soul band in the classic sense, and they find themselves at the forefront of a soul/blues revival all across the country.” Tweed Funk does an impeccable job of combining soul, gospel, R&B, and blues to create an unmatchable funk style.

With influences like James Brown, Tom Selleck, and Rick James, the Mustache is a 70’s-inspired funk band like no other. Coming from the one and only Madison, the band’s quirkiness combined with talented musicians calls for an amazing live performance. The Scene Newspaper thought so also since writer Peter Carriveau describes The Mustache as  “no joke when it comes to the funk. The tightness of the instrumentation, humorous characters, and creativity gives the band a unique and enjoyable sound.”

You do not want to miss this humorous and funk-filled evening! Continue scrolling below for a free download of Tweed Funk’s “Dancemaker” and The Mustache’s “Chow Mein.”

Download>> Tweed Funk – Dancemaker

Download>> The Mustache- Chow Mein


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