Friday night Reggae Fest: Roots Collective and Kingtown Rockers

The bands we have for you this Friday night will not be “slappin’ da bass” like Paul Rudd in “I Love You Man,” but instead like true reggae artists.

Roots Collective is a hometown Madison band that originated in 2005, and has become one of Madison’s finest. They have shared stages with other talented reggae bands, such as Natty Nation and Que Flavor!, but have managed to separate their sound from the others. As proof, Roots Collective was recently awarded the 2012 MAMA World Album Award for their album, These Days. Their sound heavily emphasizes Jamaican “roots” with the saxophone, bass and guitar. Also unique to other reggae bands, Roots Collective has a female vocalist. You can hear their musical talent on The Terrace, but also check out their songs, “Chain Reaction,” or “Pass Him Up.”

Before Roots Collective hits the stage, Kingtown Rockers will introduce this weekend Reggae Fest. Even though these two bands share the same genre, their style differs completely. Kingtown Rockers has Jamaican beats with the drums, guitar and bass, but they have added a hip hop/rap to their traditional sounds. For example, the song, “King Soun” modernizes the reggae technique we would normally expect with a distinct mix of rap. Lead singer, Michael Stone, has been nominated for a Grammy four times and has toured with legends Justin Hinds and Bob Marley. But it is the entire band that makes the music of Kingtown Rockers.

Not only will we be in the presence of award winning musicians this Friday night, but we will also be jammin’ to the beats of reggae. Below are little sneak peaks of what is to come…

Roots Collective:

Kingtown Rockers:


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